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Sunday, June 16, 2019
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I am transitioning fully and completely. I had intended this before and this time as the saying is,am "going all the way." LOL I love being fem and hope to be a woman in every way possible! I am very interested in dating, and you can come visit, too, to a hopefully steady to ideally permanent relationship. Even very young I identified as female and was often playing "house" and wore girl clothes. One bf then guided me into bushes and we kissed and mom saw me in the clothes but missed our kiss thank goodness. Even so she hated me being a girl and made me stop and we even moved, but the girls in the new neighborhood asked me to play house with them, too and that I play a girl role. One of them told me to "pretend I was a girl" and I admitted to her I often did and we laughed but she smiled big and pressed my hand with hers and led me into her house and gave me some of her older clothes she said she was giving away and told me to try them on and I did.

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