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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Photo best adult diapers Health-Medical

Incontinence management is a necessity for any adults due to any of a variety of reasons, meaning that choosing the right diaper for yourself requires a little bit of know-how. by

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Thursday, February 13, 2020
Photo ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids South Health-Medical

ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids is 1 of the nation's leaders in drug testing, alcohol screening, DNA & clinical lab testing, corporate wellness programs and employment/background screening. We are among the fastest growing 3rd Party Providers in the drug testing industry. Providing the most comprehensive menu of screening services and employment solutions, ARCpoint Labs of Grand Rapids stays abreast of the latest technological trends and improvements in the drug testing industry to ensure you have the results you need. by

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Friday, February 7, 2020
Photo Great Lakes Clinical Massage Therapy Health-Medical

Massage Therapy in Lansing, MI by

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Photo Assisted Living And Retirement Community In Macomb

Explore Oakleigh of Macomb for luxury independent living to 24-hour care with freedom and privacy of studio. Oakleigh provide care and compassionate to senior citizen. In senior housing there is an emphasis on safety, accessibility, adaptability, and longevity that many conventional housing options may lack.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020
Photo All Brite Dental

Come visit us and see why we re Dearborn s #1 Recommended Dentist. We re committed to delivering the highest quality dental care using modern equipment that makes our patients feel comfortable. We can t wait to meet you! Address: 22190 Garrison St, #205, Dearborn, MI 48124, USA Phone: 313-562-XXXX Website:

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Monday, January 13, 2020
Photo Fitness 19

Address: 7561 Cottonwood Drive, Jenison, MI 49428 USA Phone: (616) 457-XXXX Website: Description: Fitness nineteen was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing affordable, family-friendly facilities. They offer over 120 locations around the U.S with state-of-the-art cardio, strength, and free weight equipment. With month-to-month membership, personal training, and challenging group classes, everyone can find an option to suit their fitness needs. Keywords: Fitness Centers, Fitness Club, Gym Hour: Mon - Thu: five AM - eleven PM, Fri: five AM - nine PM, Sat: seven AM - eight PM, Sun: seven AM - seven PM.

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Photo Relaxation

1-Hour Customized Massage ($45) 1-Hour & A Half Customized Massage ($60) 2-Hour Customized Massage ($85) Traveling Fee - $15 & up depends on where you stay Accept Cash, Cashapp, & Credit/Debit For Mobile Service, You must pay first before our arrival. 💆🏾‍♀️ Specialized in: - Swedish - Deep Tissue - Lymphatic Drainage - Gluteal - Trigger Point Therapy - Sports Massage - Energy Massage - Reflexology Mon-Sun (11am-7pm) After 7pm - $5 extra towards massage service Call to Book (586.204.XXXX) Massages by Dr. Jas | LMT

$ 45
Sunday, December 29, 2019
Photo Eyelash Extensions (Lansing & East Lansing Area)

Sarita s So Sadity Lashes Call or Text (757)292-XXXX (If needed I am mobile) Professional Eyelash Extension Services: Classic $80 Refill $50 Hybrid $100 Refill $70 Volume $130 Refill $80 Russian Volume $180 Refill $100 New Years Special !!!! Classic and Volume ONLY $40 (Book a friend and receive $10 off your next service) LASH MODELS NEEDED ~ FEEL FREE TO INQUIRE! DONT WAIT APPOINTMENTS ARE FILLING UP FAST !!!!

$ 40
Monday, December 23, 2019
Photo Horizons Developmental Resource Center Health-Medical

I want to personally welcome you to our clinic website. My husband and I started Horizons with the goal of providing the best quality innovative treatment services in a comfortable environment so children and families can thrive. We’ve been on quite a journey since opening the clinic in our basement back in 2003, and are proud of how it has grown. What started as a small summer program for children with autism has expanded to a 10,000 square feet facility providing year-round treatment services to hundreds of patients and families with a wide variety of neurodevelopmental and mental health challenges around the world. We have continually been blessed with talented staff members and amazing families who allow us to walk with them on their journeys.

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Photo Dr Nicole Beurkens Health-Medical

Dr. Nicole Beurkens, PhD is a clinical psychologist, nutritionist, and educator specializing in integrative approaches to child development and mental health conditions. Her clinic provides evaluation and treatment services to families around the world. In addition to her work as an award-winning therapist, Dr. Beurkens is a consultant, researcher, bestselling author, speaker, and expert media source. Her mission is to ensure that parents and professionals have access to research-based non-medication options to help children with attention, anxiety, mood, and behavior challenges reach their greatest potential. by

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Sunday, December 22, 2019
Photo eye doctor near me General-Service

eye doctor near me by

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Friday, December 20, 2019
Photo All Opiates Detox Health-Medical

Michigan's Premier Medical Center for Rapid Opiate Detox Under Sedation. by

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Thursday, December 5, 2019
Photo Lice Removal Treatment Service - Woodmere, NY 11422, 11516, 11557, 11559, 11581

Lice Removal Treatment Service in Woodmere, NY 11422, 11516, 11557, 11559, 11581, 11598 In Home Lice Removal Service in Woodmere, Nassau County, NY Professional lice removal near you Get rid of lice and nits. Call our lice salon Woodmere today at 800-403-XXXX

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Photo Lice Removal Treatment Service - Lawrence, NY 11559 - Nassau county

Lice Removal Treatment Service in Lawrence, NY 11559 In Home Lice Removal Service in Lawrence, Nassau County, NY Professional lice removal near you Get rid of lice and nits. Call our treatment center Lawrence to book an appointment 516-693-XXXX

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Photo ENT Physicians, Inc.

For over 35yrs, ENT Physicians Inc. have provided medical and hearing health care to families in the Toledo community. Our experienced team consists of Physicians, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Audiologists and Allergy Specialists. Address: 5705 Monclova Rd, Ste 204, Maumee, OH 43537, USA Phone: 419-474-XXXX Website:

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Photo Spa & salon

Hi this is Daisy the organic girl & holistic healer... Are you looking for somewhere to escape the cold? Do you have the winter Blues? Do you have aches or pains or just stressed? Are you looking to improve your skin care naturally? Or would you just like a nice time out at a clean friendly environment? If so please join me at my Little Slice of Heaven. At Daisy Sanctuary Day Spa and Salon. Contact me today at 248 516 XXXX or at I look forward to hearing from you namaste

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Photo Talk to Michigan Infertility Specialist Doctor

At Urologic Consultants, P.C. doctors has been extremely positive and supportive with the right guidance and provide affordable vasectomy reversal surgery. For any Question regarding vasectomy reversal Contact us (616) 459-XXXX. CONTACT US: VasReversal Urologic Consultants, P.C. 25 Michigan Street, Suite 3300 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 Phone: 616459XXXX Website:

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Photo New Jersey

Lice removal service New Jersey: New Jersey one All Natural In Home Lice Treatment Service Flat Rate All Products included No Hidden Charges HSA FSA Accepted

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Photo Reversed Your vasectomy in Michigan - Dr. Phillip Wise

If you want to have more children after you have had a vasectomy, the most reliable method is vasectomy reversal surgical procedure. The aim of this method is to rejoining the cut tubes back together with the help of expert urologist surgical team. Contact us for comprehensive info on vasectomy reversal. CONTACT US: VasReversal Urologic Consultants, P.C. 25 Michigan Street, Suite 3300 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 Phone: 616459XXXX Website:

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Saturday, November 9, 2019
Photo Vasovasostomy Expert specialists in Michigan

At the Urologic Consultants, P.C., Dr. Phillip Wise use surgical microscope method to give the best possible chances of the best possible result for Vasovasostomy which reconnects the tubes that had been blocked during the vasectomy. Dr. Phillip Wise is a world-renowned urological surgeon and provide the best results in the Michigan. CONTACT US: VasReversal Urologic Consultants, P.C. 25 Michigan Street, Suite 3300 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 Phone: 616459XXXX Website:

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Thursday, October 31, 2019
Photo Dental Hygienist

SALLY E. BREGE 834 Andover Drive, Dewitt, Michigan 48820 (517)626-XXXX OBJECTIVE To provide excellent service to patients and community members utilizing the combination of education and experience acquired over the course of my career in the field of dentistry, with 7yrs of dental hygiene practice and 13yrs of dental assisting. SKILLS • Infant oral health • Patient specific hygiene care provided to all ages • Exposure and processing of digital radiograph sensor photos and phosphor plates utilizing DEXIS scanner • Charting and documentation of patient records with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Mac Practice software systems • Acquisition of intra oral photos • Patient and Parent education • Diet review and nutritional analysis • Patient behavior management techniques • Assessment of fluoride intake with supplementation prescribed as necessary • Fluoride varnish application • Sealant application • Periodontal therapy scaling and root planing using manual and ultrasonic instrument

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Sunday, October 27, 2019
Photo Massages just right for you

Here at Curtisy Massage Therapy I have several styles of massages and understand the difference of different types of what a person wants. If you tell me a Swedish massage but require more than the typical pressure of a Swedish that may be a Deep Tissue and yet if I am doing what some think is a Deep tissue for me It may be just a Swedish. That is how I rate different massages to adhere to you! Most Therapist just do the lesser of a massage such as missing sections of a body ( feet or the stomach and even the buttocks) I do not miss any part. Read my full well explained website

$ 70
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Photo Curtisy Massage Therapy

Answer these questions Do you have unexplained pain, such as sciatic, knee, hip, back , , and or other pains. Problems concentrating, focusing problems Irritated with your every day life issues such as the ritual of wake up, eat, run to work, run home, or something like that? Sitting to long at a desk? Sitting in a car or long distances?? Unexplained sleep patterns, or sleep disturbances? Having headaches Are you stressed and having all the above issues? Low or hardly any energy Feelings of the "blahs" Are you looking for a new therapist that will explain and actually understand your issues? ( if your already a customer then your answer is no)

$ 70
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Photo Start A Homecare Agency

Homecare is a billion dollar industry that has plenty of opportunities to make lots of money. Let us help you get your Agency started. Within 7 days your can be a up and running Agency.

$ 300
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Photo Non surgical approaches to wrinkle reduction. BOTOX injections is 1 of the top non-surgical procedures performed each year for the cosmetic treatment of crow s feet, frown lines and deep lines on the forehead. It was originally introduced in the 1980 s by ophthalmologists for the medical treatment of muscular spasms around the eye area, an application that is still used today. BOTOX is injected, using a very fine needle, directly into the facial muscles causing lines and furrows. While the injections require no anesthetic, some doctors do choose to numb the injection area with topical anesthetic creams or ice packs Strategically placed injections of Botox contain a safe and purified form of botulinum toxin A. This blocks the nerve impulses that are sent to muscles, therefore weakening them to the point where they can not contract. You can typically see the results of BOTOX within a few days of receiving treatment.

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