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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Photo Retail Store Manager

Retail Store Manager Chumbak is looking for a results driven retail store manager to be responsible for the overall store management. The successful applicant will be able to ensure that the store provides an awesome customer background, meet sales and profitability goals and manage staff effectively. He / She will have excellent operational capabilities and good knowledge of retail KPIs and be able to drive results through the same. Store manager responsibilities may include supervising assistant store managers. Role & Responsibilities Sales Achieve business targets against targets set on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Drive L2L growth of the store. Customer Background Ensure that the store team provides excellent customer service in a manner that it differentiates our store from the rest of the market. Ensure customer delight and a WOW background for our customers. Build customer relationship and retention through a culture of service excellence.

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Thursday, August 8, 2019
Photo Product Merchandiser

Company Overview At CultGear, we believe in making the coolest and best products available to consumers who believe in leading an active lifestyle. We consider ourselves a tech company that is in the business of fashion. We expect technology to empower us to run commerce across multiple channels (both offline and on-line), and data & AI to enable us to make the right design decisions as a brand. As an organisation, we want to operate as a community of free agents who work towards a common goal, more than as a company in its traditional definition. We look for driven individuals who strive for autonomy and accountability. To empower them to operate with autonomy, we transparently share details and plans across the board, encourage people to take ownership of areas, be in-charge of their own future, constantly innovate, raise concerns openly and be open to feedback and learn from mistakes. Responsibilities and Duties

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